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Operation Feeding Temple is a non-profit organization that has a mission to assist area food pantries in Temple, Texas, in the organizing and conducting of food drives, fundraisers, and benefits, as well as gathering, storing, and distributing food, clothing, and cash donations for the use of individuals and families in need.

Our donations are equally split between our four pantry partners: The Love of Christ PantryChurches Touching Lives for ChristTaylor's Valley Baptist Church, and Temple Christian Outreach.


Our board of directors is comprised of community professionals with different backgrounds, all with a heart to serve others. We are happy to have the leadership of Derrel Thompson, Tom Henderson, Lisle Meeker, AC Blunt, Caitlin West, Dave Caven, John Potts, Veronica Marfil-Keyes, and Michelle Clemens. We are a 100% volunteer-based organization.


In 2018, we formed a non-profit organization, Operation Feeding Temple. We grew from hosting one food drive a year, Food for Families, to now hosting two big food drives plus a handful of smaller. Our food drives include Food for Families, Friends Feeding Friends, Virtual Food Drives, and Stamp Out Hunger!

Operation Feeding Temple Team
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