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Frequently asked questions 

Thank you for your interest in Operation Feeding Temple and for wanting to end hunger in Temple, Texas. Here are some frequently asked question responses. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. You’ll want your plan to be well-grounded and you'll want to be armed with information for your volunteers! Here are some suggested areas to discuss.

Who is a contact person to work with for coordinating food drive volunteers? Email Operation Feeding Temple 


What types of non-perishable food can I donate? Peanut Butter, Jelly, Canned Meats, Soups, Cereal, Rice, Beans, Canned Vegetables, Pasta Sauce, Noodles, Mac and Cheese, Shelf Milk, Condiments. Healthy choices are key!


Can I make a monetary donation? Yes, right here! Every dollar you donate equals 2.5 pounds of food.


Can I donate any non-food items? Pantries can always use non-food items, personal hygiene, baby supplies, etc.


Can I donate fresh food during an Operation Feeding Temple food drive? We are only accepting non-perishable donations. If you would like to donate fresh food, have the donor contact one of the pantries directly.


Can my organization donate bulk or industrial sized cans or bags? The pantries request no bulk items only single use / family sized items. Please contact one of our pantries to make a bulk sized donation for larger families.


What is the best way to transport the collected food the collection site? Collect the donated food in heavy duty boxes or bags. We have banana boxes available per request.


Does the organization have boxes or crates for the food collection? Yes! Operation Feeding Temple will supply you with Banana Boxes. We also have decorated barrels are available for drop off during the event. Just sent us a request via our website to request a barrel or boxes. No cost to you.


When is the best time to deliver donations the day of the food drive. Check the event details.

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