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How To Host A Food Drive

Determine Which Type of Food Drive You Want to Host


Virtual Food Drive - Create an event and direct people to make a monetary donation via one of our options or one of yours.


Single-site drop off: Ask people to bring food donations to one location during a set time frame.


Extended food drive: Set up multiple collection points with drop boxes

where people can leave food over a course of multiple days or weeks.


Event-related food drive: Your group partners with a local event - like a sports game, music festival or health fair - and sets up collection sites at the event.



Access Volunteer Needs

Establish a small committee to plan and coordinate the food drive, then select a food drive coordinator and team leaders for individual tasks. Depending on the size of your food drive, there could be 2-6 team leaders.


Teams can help share the work, motivate volunteers, ask for donations and hold each other accountable to deadlines. Many hands make light work!


Schedule a training session for the team leaders. Provide the leaders with background on the selected organizations, a list of key dates/times (timelines of preparation), responsibilities needed to carry out the food drive and contact information for you and other team leaders.


The team leaders should:

  • Help recruit volunteers for the food drive

  • Promote the food drive with flyers throughout the community

  • Promote the event via social media and with local partners

  • Set up the collection site(s)

  • Lead a shift of volunteers during the event for set-up, collection and clean-up

  • Help coordinate food delivery after the drive

  • Thank everyone for their help



Get the Word Out

The key to a successful food drive is to get the word out about the event throughout the community. PROMOTE! 

  • Make and distribute flyers for the event

  • Promote the event through contacts and local community organizations

  • Post on social media and tell everyone you know

  • Follow-up communication, including the results of the drive and thanking supporters.

Event Day

  • Set up the food collection site

  • Post the Food Drive signs in visible areas and have flyers available

  • Welcome volunteers as they arrive and show them how things will work

  • Volunteers should put the food in the boxes/crates.

  • Enjoy the wonderful event that is bringing together the community

  • When the drive is over, clean up the area and take down the signs.

  • Thank the hosting organization and the volunteers

Follow up

Thank all volunteers and hosting organization for their support. Include how much food was donated and whether there are plans for additional food drives or other volunteer opportunities in the future. Don't forget to convey their important role in the success of the program and the difference they are making.


While it is still fresh in your mind, develop a list of lessons learned for future events. Check in with Operation Feeding Temple to see if they have suggestions to include.


Keep in touch with volunteers and local communities for further volunteer opportunities.

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