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Uniting for a Hunger-Free Central Texas: The 34th Annual Food for Families Drive

Central Texas has always been known for its vibrant communities, rich culture, and the spirit of togetherness. As we approach the 34th Annual Food for Families Drive, it's time to celebrate that spirit and extend a helping hand to those in need. The Food for Families Drive has become a beloved tradition in our region, bringing us closer together to combat hunger and support our neighbors in difficult times.

A Legacy of Compassion:

For over three decades, the Food for Families Drive has been at the forefront of Central Texas's fight against hunger. What started as a humble initiative from KWTX News 10, The Boy Scouts of America, and HEB, this food drive has grown into the largest one-day food drive in Texas, significantly impacting the lives of countless individuals and families.

This year, as our community faces unprecedented challenges, the need for our support has never been greater. The 34th Annual Food for Families Drive promises to be a beacon of hope for those struggling with food insecurity.

Supporting Local Organizations:

Our commitment to making a difference in Temple, Texas, remains unwavering. This year, your generous donations will be equally distributed to four incredible organizations:

  1. Temple Community Outreach: A dedicated organization serving the Temple area for years, providing food and assistance to needy families.

  2. Love of Christ Food Pantry: With open arms, Love of Christ Food Pantry has provided nourishment and hope to the Temple community for decades.

  3. Taylor's Valley Baptist Church: A cornerstone of support in Temple, this church's food pantry ensures that no one in the community goes to bed hungry.

  4. Churches Touching Lives for Christ: This remarkable organization brings together multiple churches to provide a united front against hunger, touching the lives of countless individuals.

Your Contribution Matters:

Your support is the driving force behind the success of the Food for Families Drive. Every canned good, every non-perishable item, and every dollar donated brings us one step closer to our goal of a hunger-free Central Texas. Whether you're an individual, a local business, or part of a community group, your involvement makes a real difference.

How You Can Help:

  1. Donate Non-Perishable Items: Consider contributing canned goods, pasta, rice, and other non-perishable items for those in need.

  2. Make a Financial Donation: Financial donations go a long way in supporting these organizations. Even a small contribution can make a significant impact.

  3. Volunteer Your Time: Many hands make light work. If you have time to spare, consider volunteering with one of the participating organizations.

  4. Spread the Word: Share information about the Food for Families Drive on social media, in your community, and among friends and family. The more people who know, the greater the impact.


The 34th Annual Food for Families Drive is a testament to the resilience and compassion of Central Texas. In coming together to combat hunger, we reaffirm our commitment to the values that make our community so unique. Let's make this year's drive the most successful yet, ensuring that no one in our community goes to bed hungry. Together, we can build a hunger-free Central Texas.

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